Wolt Market – Micro fulfiilment Center

Wolt Micro Fulfillment Center is a concept that Wolt, a food delivery platform, is exploring to improve its grocery delivery process. 

Essentially, The Micro Fulfillment Center is a relatively small grocery warehouse, located in a central location that is designed to fulfill grocery online orders quickly and efficiently.

The design and planning principles of a micro fulfillment center are a bit different than what we usually apply in the usual grocery stores.

In a grocery store, the main driver for arranging categories is the customer journey.

In a fulfillment center, the main challenge is to minimize the distance that products need to travel during the fulfillment process. This can help reduce processing times and improve the overall efficiency of the center.

Another important design principle is keeping the area as compact as possible, thus reducing the overall operational cost.

Unlike standard grocery stores, our micro fulfillment center is designed to be as modular as possible. Modular layout allowing easy adjustments to scalability and adaptability demands. It also enables it to accommodate changes in categories, order volumes, or new products without the need to change the whole layout.

Its interesting to see in an evergrowing multichannel grocery market, if future grocery stores design concepts will be influnced by their young competitors. 


Photography: Roee Dori

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