A new Micro Mobility showroom opened in Tel Aviv, Israel. The showroom is located in a 1,000 square meter space that was formerly a Mercedes-Benz showroom.

The design team wanted to create an innovative space that still reflects the building’s past.
They preserved the original ceilings and flooring, and added new elements that were both functional and stylish.

The showroom features a variety of Micro Mobility products, including bicycles, electric scooters, and motorcycles. The products are displayed on raised platforms that are equipped with digital signage and information about the products.

The showroom also includes a 300 square meter office space. The office space is designed, so that the activity of the sales and customer service teams is visible to show room’s customers.

The overall design of the showroom is both stylish and functional. It is a space that is both inviting and informative, and it is a perfect place to learn about the latest Micro Mobility products.

Chief Designer: Yan Kotenko
Lighting: Beyond Lighting
Photography: Avishai Finkelstein

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