PUFFIZ – Dizengoff, TLV

In the last years, Israel has become one of the leading innovation centers of the Cannabis research. Although the selling and distribution of cannabis based substances is still prohibited by local laws, the policy towards smoking weed has become quite lean.
Puffiz was designed with two intentions in mind:
The first is to be the first shop in Israel exposing the wide variety of smoking accessories and cannabis related paraphernalia to wide audiences, the second is to lay the foundations and serve as the first prototype for a future retail chain.
Located in the Hipp Dizengoff street, Tel Aviv’s High street, the shop enjoys high foot traffic and offers a wide variety of products although occupying only 340 square feet .
The overall atmosphere is simple and straightforward. Apart from the carefully selected lighting scheme, a special effort was put to using simple, raw, eco friendly materials.
The Modular display systems was created by integrating recycled wood from old wooden pallets, metal mesh surfaces and supermarkets shelving systems elements.
During the renovation an old brick wall exposed and a decision was immediately made to keep it along with the original old wooden floor.
Although it was made from simple materials, the display system offers a wide selection of display options as well as using the low exposure bottom part as a storage area.
The color pallete is simple comprised of black metal, old wood and the brands’s colors leaving enough room for some of the very colorful line of products.

Lighting: Faza
Fixtures: Design Lab

Photography: Roee Dori

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