Diamond Time watch store – Jerusalem

As we started creating a new branch format for Diamond Time, a local watch store chain, our first question was: Do people really need watches these days when everybody carries around a new smartphone?
Apparently we found out, millennials see watches as a fashion accessory. Watches scene online is boosting with new brands and designs.
The awkwardly shaped 38 square meters space was challenging. We used the space shape as an opportunity to improve visibility to the busy Jerusalem street outside.
Diamond time is specialising in mid range watches. We custom designed showcases that are capable to present large amounts of merchandise. So to keep overall appearance not too fancy.
Special attention was put to retail lighting. We carefully combined both 6K & 2.7 K lighting to get the right atmosphere and ambience.
Our desired customer’s experience suggests both touching and experiencing more casual items, as well as getting personalised fitting of higher ticket watches.
We see Diamond time store design as a new experiment of an off line shop in a retail vertical in which online dominance is rapidly growing.

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