Chronotime Luxury Watch Store

Chrontime is a chain of watch luxury brands. Among other things, it imports some of the best Swiss-made watch brands.

During the profiling, we identified the difference between the standard consumer goods store design and the design of a luxury product store.
A luxury store usually appeals to a specific audience. However, the general public may also be a potential customer. This usually happens in very specific situations. The purchase of a luxury watch is usually associated with a significant event, such as an engagement, wedding, or promotion at work.
With this understanding, we approached the design of the new store.

The store, located in a prestigious location near the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem, was designed as a place where you can admire the products, but mainly, a place that will allow the creation of a connection and pleasant communication between the seller and the customer. Communication that is an integral part of selling luxury products.

The specific property consisted of two separate stores that were merged into one store. The slope of the street and the presence of a gallery floor in one of the properties created a significant design challenge, how to connect the two spaces into one space despite the differences in floor level and ceiling height.

Special emphasis in the design of display systems was placed on creating an appropriate lighting scheme. The lighting that was designed was intended to combine the general lighting of the space with the specific lighting of each display cabinet. The challenge was to find the balance between effective lighting of the space, while maintaining focus on the products in the display cabinets.

Additional emphasis in the store design was on the delicate combination of marketing and branding messages of luxury brands, in an effective way that will preserve the image and luxurious look.

Photography: Roee Dori

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