Butchers Cut – Netanya

The Galilee, Israel’s northern part is known for its fine cattle. We were approached by a local firm with the mission to create a new design. A large store format for butcher’s shop retail chain.
As we researched the meat shop market, we found high loyalty to one’s butcher. We found out that for the Local consumers, meat quality is difficult to configure, until the moment it is served. Hence trust and loyalty seem to be key issues in the customer decision making process.
With Trust and loyalty as key issues, we chose transparency and simplicity as a main design motives. Store design that reminds the local supermarket, still enables significant upgrade in the overall atmosphere. Interior design that conveys professional attitude and high hygiene standard.
We used material’s scheme that includes light touch of oak veneer, black metal, high quality and carefully placed professional lighting and strong branding communication.
We used simple durable materials, white ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, stainless steel.
Carefully placed double glazing openings, displaying  well framed points of service areas, were used to convey a message of transparency and reliability.
We tried as much as we can, to stay away from the specialty boutique look & feel pitfall, and create casual, professional atmosphere. A shop that perfectly fits our target audience in their weekly meat shopping.

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