Hertzel Fruits & Vegetable Market Design

The fresh fruits & vegetable category is far more challenging than it seems.
Logistics, staff, and the ever-changing pricing require retailers to do a lot of quick on-site decision-making nearly all day long.

Those are some of the reasons Israel’s retail scene haven’t seen too many success stories in this category.
When Hertzel markets entrepreneurs approached us, it was at this moment that I finally believed we might create a market shift.

While creating the new format for the large-scale branches, we tried to retain the simplicity and straightforward market atmosphere.
At the same time, we gently tapped into the little retail tweaks, that make it easier and more comfortable to shop in the post corona world.

Our store design focused mainly on creating a simple and comfortable shopping experience. After all it’s about making it easy to enjoy shopping for fresh, colorful, and healthy food.


Photographer: Yaniv Assa

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