Bakery Planning and Design

What has changed in the field of bakeries and bakery design?

The bakery sector has experienced a leap forward in recent years. The leap forward in the design of bakeries is part of a larger trend in which consumers prefer to buy fresh food, in stores that specialize in it.
The trend can be seen happening in a variety of areas beyond bakeries. We can see an advanced and updated design for a variety of fresh food stores like meat, cheeses, fish, and vegetables.
In the past, the design and planning of the neighborhood bakeries included a counter and some carts that came out of the oven. Today, the new generation of bakeries, is characterized by a more invested presentation-presentation of the pastries, attention to the finishing materials of the display facilities and the creation of a more inviting atmosphere.

What is important to know about bakery planning and design?

Not all bakeries are the same. Even today we are engaged in the planning and design of bakeries of several types.

The local Bakery

Designed to serve the basic needs of a local population. Its variety will usually be characterized by a large sale of rolls and challahs, with a varying variety of additional pastries.

The regional Bakery

A bakery, sometimes a confectionery, that is especially visited. A bakery of this type will usually have some products in which it has reached a very high level. A level that justifies for consumers a special trip to buy this product. This can be a special challah, yeast cakes or other pastries.

A branch of a bakery chain

In recent years, a large portion of the bakeries we see are actually endpoints of sales. The mafia includes ovens and swelling chambers. Most of the products sold in it, however, are not manufactured locally, but in a central factory, from where they are sent frozen, to the end point. The planning and design of such a bakery should take into account a large area in favor of storage of frozen products. In addition the operating area should include an edge baking area.
The advantage of this type of bakery is that it allows the sale of pastries, some of which are of a very high standard (depending on the parent factory) and the sale of a large variety relative to what could have been produced in the given area.
Another significant thing in the planning and design of bakeries is the right appeal to the target audience. Bread, rolls, challah, are basic products. A very well-designed store can sometimes deter customers and send a message of high prices. For this reason many brands in the field, have created simple and basic designs.

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