Tzamtzam – Photography store

Photography stores are an extinct specie. During the 80’s and the 90’s Tzamtzam (which is the Hebrew term for Shutter) was the leading photography chainstore in Israel. As time passed the company went down and got into bankruptcy. We were approached by a potential buyer. We were wondering whether there is  still a place for a photography chainstore.

The new Retail Concept we came up with included two worlds.

The world of photography and its peripherals – It turned out that photos development doesn’t create revenues, on the other hand photo printing can be a substantial cash cow. Photo accessories as well as and Physical locations still have their advantages in a world of online printing, if adjusted accordingly.

The World of personalised Gifts – People love to put their personalised touch on items. Especially gifts. Given the right assortment the personalised items can be a good complimentary category to the photography world.

We also put special effort in minimising the store area in an attempt to create an attractive and sustainable format in shopping mall’s relatively high rent environment.

The pilot branch had shown good results and new branches are on their way.